About Us


Dong Phuong Vietnam Company Limited was established in March 2019. Prior to venturing into Vietnam, we had a successful 15-year tenure in ZheJiang, China.

Our first factory in Vietnam was established in Nam Dinh, occupying an expansive area of approximately 8,000 square meters. During our inaugural year, we experienced rapid growth in our orders, thanks to the unwavering trust of our customers. As a result, we decided to expand further and inaugurated our second factory in September 2019. Located in Ha Nam, a province situated 60 kilometers away from the bustling capital of Hanoi, this facility spans an impressive area of 32,500 square meters.

By September 2020, our workforce had reached a total of 1,200 dedicated employees across both factories, with an additional 1,000 individuals engaged in outsourced supplier services. Our team comprises 20 highly skilled experts from China, each possessing over a decade of experience in various fields, including production, molding, injection, sampling, and more.

At Dong Phuong Vietnam, we uphold a business philosophy that prioritizes four key aspects: Price, Quantity, Quality, and Service. We firmly believe that these factors set us apart in the market, offering our esteemed partners the most exceptional value they can find.

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