Christmas Lighting Projects Australia

Decorative lighting company handles Christmas projects. In 2018 we were fortunate enough to undertake four Christmas lighting projects. Last year We had a Christmas installation for the popular shopping centre in Coolangatta The Strand. Another shopping centre Christmas project that we are proud to be apart of was for Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. This was a fun project, where we draped the shop fronts in warm white fairy lighting, which were supported by LED Christmas Bows motifs.

Decorative Lighting Company’s Christmas services are not limited to shopping centres. We also worked with a few local councils to bring in the Christmas spirit with the use of decorative lighting products. A new project we were proud to be involved with, was the Nerima Gardens Christmas Wonderland 2018 project.


Decorative Lighting Company worked in association with City of Ipswich to bring in a magical and zany lighting design to transform the heritage garden into an amazing wonderland of lights laughter, and Christmas cheer.

For this project, Decorative Lighting Company exceeded our client’s expectations and nearly tripled their expected turn out to this unique event. Finally, Decorative Lighting Company undertook a specialised Christmas tree lighting installation in the hearth of Brisbane, Queen Street Mall. Decorative Lighting Company are great with installations and we installed lighting into 22 trees with the assistance of professional tree climbers, and machinery to install warm white fairy lights into white spotted gum trees.

Decorative Lighting Company undertake lighting projects all around Australia. We have done lighting projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and want to service all of Australia for Decorative Lighting Projects. We often respond to project briefs from local councils around the country, but we are also happy to be on the creative fore front and propose decorative lighting enhancements on a citywide scale. Decorative Lighting is a proven method for improving visitation to locations, promoting safety and ambience using clever LED lighting designs.

Bring people into your city using lighting. Decorative Lighting Company have been working with Dubbo Regional Council with small lighting projects to encourage night-time ambience and excitement into the town Centre. One aspect of our project work here was the fit out of the band rotunda with fairy lighting and colour changing flood lights.


These flood lights really bring energy and life into the area and can be colour changed to meet seasonal and theming demands simply by the click of a button. Fairy lights, as the name depicts, brings magic, fantasy and fun into urban and green spaces.  Another recent project we undertook was for Racecourse Road with support from Brisbane City Council. Decorative Lighting Company undertook fairy light tree installations all along the street, totalling 37 trees, dressed up and alive with fairy lights. Its important to note, that with installations on living trees, Decorative Lighting Company undertake installation practices that are complimentary to natural tree growth and installed in a way that also prolongs the lighting products. Since this installation, the street has been reawakened, another successful fairy lighting project by Decorative Lighting Company.

Lighting can also promote safety by illuminating dark spots, parks, alleys, or even open spaces. Walkable cities are safe cities, so with the use of decorative lighting, areas that may be avoided due to concerns over safety, these issues can be resolved in a tactful and clean way. Decorative Lighting Company undertake lighting projects interstate, so if there is any need for lighting projects in Perth, lighting projects Adelaide, lighting projects Freemantle, lighting projects cairns, lighting projects Darwin, decorative lighting company would love to service these areas.

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